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This page is a collection of games I have written for the ti-83 in asm. If you are looking for other games go to either ticalc or ti-files. All my games require sos and zlib.

FlipFlop(2k)-this game is just like lights out. The object of this game is to turn all the circles to white. This can be done with as many moves as you like. When you turn a light on or off the surrounding four circles (up, down, left, and right) turn on or off depending on wether or not the light is on.

LT1(0.3k)-FlipFlop levels

LT2(0.3k)-FlipFlop levels

LT3(0.3k)-FlipFlop levels

LT4(0.3k)-FlipFlop levels

Hi-Q(1.2k)-some times this is called solitaire. If you played my javascript game it's just like that. I didn't want it mixed up with a card game so i called it Hi-Q. The object of the game is to jump other pegs ver each other. After each peg is jumped it is removed. When you don't have any more moves left then count up whats left. Then compare it to the chart to see how well you did.

Mastermind(1.5k)- just like the board game. The calculator randomly picks 4 peices which can be any of the 6 different types. The object is to guess the pieces in the correct order. This isn't as difficult as it sounds because after each guess the game tells you how many pieces are in the corect space and another number tells you how many pieces are the correct type but not in the corrrect place.

Donkey Kong- I am working on this game now it should be done soon. This will have external levels and you can write your own.