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Javascript Games

So far I have made three javascript games for this site but there are many to come. The three games are Number Puzzle, Pig Invaders, and Solitaire.

Number Puzzle(24.4KB)
Put the numbers in order so that they read 1-15. There is an empty space. Click on any number next to the empty space and they will switch places.
Netscape 3.0, 4.0, Microsoft 3.0, (4.0)?
How to play

Pig Invaders(11.1KB)
This game is like space invaders only the object of the game is to shoot pigs. Try to beat my best score of 230.
Netscape 3.0, Microsoft 3.0
How to play

A board game. Try to remove all but one of the pieces on the board by jumping them.
Netscape 3.0, 4.0, Microsoft 3.0, (4.0)?
How to play

Questions, comments, and sugestions.
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